Kraja CONCERT in Erfurt on 28th May 2011





Following our concert together in Erfurt on March 13th 2010, Kraja continued to propagate their special kind of nordic sounds throughout Germany. Concerts in Dresden, Solingen, Ratzeburg, Vellmar and Mönkebude, to just name a few, had a huge audience enjoy Kraja’s live music.

A tour through Austria had many new folk fans recognize Kraja for the first time.  Several concerts in Scandinavia rounded off the concert year for the four singers.

Sustained by this success, Kraja recorded their 3rd album „Brusand Hav“ in fall of last year. To promote this CD, Kraja is going on tour through Europe again in 2011.

The Kraja-Fan-Club Erfurt is thrilled to be able to present Kraja on 28th of May 2011 at the same venue as last year to our local, national and international audience again.

Like last year, the “Kammerchor des Erfurter Männerchores 1890 e.V.” will contribute to the concert evening.

We are looking forward to welcome you at the concert!

Martin Frischmuth

Kraja-Fan-Club Erfurt



Samian (local southern Scandinavian) word for 'a place you long for'.

Once you listen to their music you think of it as such a place. Exciting!

The Press describes Kraja’s music as “four-part singing of an excellence, that exceeds any rationality” and as “music of supernatural beauty”.

Thank you so much for the wonderful concert on May 28th here in Erfurt! More from us including pictures from the concert, will be posted soon on this website.

Upcoming Kraja appearances in Thuringia:

July 01st - 03rd 2011 in Rudolstadt at the “Tanz- und Folklorefestival 2011”

June 30th 2011 in Weimar, church in Oberweimar, begins 9pm, click for poster