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“Singing means understanding”

Kraja - Swedish a cappella folk music

What struck me the first time I heard Kraja was their total credibility and authenticity. Their singing voices are a natural extension of their speaking voices with no trace of affectation. There is also a geographical connection: this sound can only come from northern Sweden. The clear vowels of the local dialect combined with Norrland directness is a crucial part of what we hear when Kraja sings. A sound that is like opening a window on a summer morning to let in the fresh air.

Their phrasing is so simple and obvious that you take it for granted until you realize how rare it is, and difficult. Without mannerisms there is nothing to hide behind. You just have to intonate, sing and deliver.

There are not many who can do that.

Kraja can.

Listen and enjoy!

Johan Norberg

swedish guitarist and composer




Michael Huschke was born in Weimar in 1969 and has been married since 2003.

From 1986 until 1992 he studied at the musical college Franz Liszt in Weimar and acquired an art degree as a repettiteur.

Following his studies, Michael had vocational training and jobs at various financial institutions, the last one as a branch manager at Deutsche Bank.

From 2001 until 2004 he got a bachelor of arts degree and studied economic science and philosophy at the university in Erfurt.

Since 2005 Michael has been acting chief executive officer at the Deutsche Kindermedienstiftung „Goldener Spatz“ in Erfurt.

In addition to his studies and jobs he has been an artistic freelancer since 1992. The Erfurter Männerchor and his leader Christian Wolf have been playing with Michael for various joint concerts in the past few years.